Highest quality
external foils

High quality foils

LX Hausys foil is resistant to extreme climatic conditions such as high temperature and UV radiation. Due to its flexibility, it is friendly in the wrapping process. It has all the necessary approvals and certificates.

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Water and moisture resistance

Our product is resistant to water and moisture, ensuring no deformation or alteration occurs even when exposed.


LX Hausys Exterior Foil reflects UV rays from the surface, similar to how sunscreen works. This provides better and longer-lasting color retention for the material.

Energy efficiency

Effectively prevents surface temperature rise by reflecting infrared rays.


E200 Exterior Foil has consistently excelled in performance and durability when used on PVC Window & Door profiles in Europe, Turkey, and Russia for the past decade. With two layers protected by a transparent PMMA film, it offers resilience against harsh climates and UV radiation, supported by a warranty of up to 10 years.


E300 Exterior Foil has been upgraded with a new top layer of transparent PMMA film, significantly enhancing its weatherproofing performance. With an elevated UV protection level from 20GJ to 30GJ, we can now offer a 15-year guarantee in accordance with European standards. The improved color pigments and innovative HBU (Heat Build Up) technology further bolster its weather resistance, preventing deformation of PVC profiles and extending the lifespan of PVC windows and doors in construction.


The upgraded E300 Plus Exterior Foil features a PVDF-coated PMMA film that enhances weatherproofing and surface protection. With a minimum performance level of 30GJ or higher, it offers excellent weather resistance. The fluorine coating provides exceptional resistance against scratching, environmental pollution, and moisture damage. It comes highly recommended for exterior surface finishing, even in challenging environments. The warranty has been extended by up to five years, covering regions with tropical climates such as North America, Australia, India, the Middle East, and Africa, where obtaining a warranty was previously challenging.